Mother-Daughter Team Conquer The Worlds Highest Peaks , Including Everest!  Right Now!

Get high on life following a mother-daughter dynamo team, Cheryl and Nikki Bart, as they begin to summit Mt Everest while raising awarness about social issues!

These girls have got altitude: after summiting each of the highest peaks in almost every continent across the world, they are finally tackling the big daddy – Mt Everest! Not only that, these chicks kick it on the corporate ladder and are constantly working for charity!

Standing at 8,850m, Mt Everest has been a challenge for climbers for centuries. It is a treacherous mountain, with avalanches, crevasse falls, hypothermia, snow-blindness, whiteout, frostbite and falling rocks a constant threat. Climbers are susceptible to mountain or altitude sickness, lack of oxygen, blisters and colds. Currently, there are over 150 bodies lying in Everests’s ‘Deathzone’ – above 8,000 meters – (is this a bit gory??) but these gung-ho Aussie girls are willing to risk life and limb to complete their dream of summiting the world’s seven peaks.

The first recorded summit of Mt Everest was in 1953, by the late Sir Edmund Hilary, a New Zealand mountaineer. 1975 saw the first woman summiting Everest, and in 1980, Italian Reinhold Masser was the first person to complete the summit without oxygen or support. If they are able to complete the climb, May 2008 will see Cheryl and Nikki Bart as the first mother-daughter team to summit Mt Everest.

The Barts have been mountaineering since Nikki was 16. Together they have climbed the highest peaks of six continents, including Australia’s Koscuioszko (2,228m), Antractica’s Vinson Massif (4,897m), South America’s Aconcagua (6,962m), Africa’s Kilimanjaro (5,895m), North America’s McInley-Denali (6,195m) and Europe’s Elburus (5,642). Climbing Mt Everest (8,850m) will complete their mission to climb the world’s seven highest peaks.

In preparation for the summit, the Barts have been involved in a regime of hypoxic swimming, boxing, sand running and lugging 25kg packs up countless flights of stairs (oh, and they also climbed all of those mountains we mentioned before…). They also climbed Cho oyo and practiced using oxygen masks at 8,000m in -40degrees celcius.  And, maintained a training regime for two-three hours a day at the gym doing weights and cardiovascular activity, as well as a weekly yoga or pilates class.  If that that’s not enough they also completed an intensive five-day rock-climbing course in Australia’s Blue Mountains and continued with weekly rock-climbing sessions.

Now, don’t be fooled into thinking Cheryl and Nikki are just die-hard climbing fanatics, these chicks also climb the corporate ladder! Cheryl has a law degree from the University of New South Wales, and chairman of the South Australian Film Commission, Adelaide Film Festival and the Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund. Nikki has completed her fifth year of medical school, and is co-chairman of the Medical Student Aid Project as well as being on the medical student council.


Cheryl and Nikki are so passionate about contributing to the community they used their climb to raise awareness about a good cause! They are both climbing in association with ‘Climb to Inspire’, a program devoted to helping young people change their world for the better. Cheryl and Nikki’s ‘Climb to Inspire’ will test their relationship, resilience and mental and physical capacities, representing the struggles faced by young people everyday. They believe that every young person can get through tough times with the appropriate care and support, and ‘Climb to Inspire’ will assist with providing that support. For more information check out Inspire.

And, for the coolest part…You can tag along and follow the route of Cheryl and Nikki’s journey online at Oz Chicks with Altitude.  Read daily blogs, see photos and even watch videos of them climbing.  There is also a detailed Google Map to follow the route. / Gemma Considine

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Posted on 18 April 2008 - 4:32pm
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