Grab Some Inspiration; 'Surf Girl Roxy' For Your Reading Enjoyment

If you’re after the perfect coffee-table book full of atmospheric, inspiring surfing sista pics to show all your friends, check out the new Surf Girl Roxy compendium.

Showcasing Roxy’s team of surfer girls and their exploits over the past decade on land and water; with over 200 sun-drenched photographs this book is sure to be a winner. It features musings on the ocean life by the Roxy team as well as stories from legendary female surfers Lisa Anderson, Chelsea Georgeson, Kassia Meador and Sofia Mulanovich.

They discuss everything from the early days of the brand, their love for surfing and their thoughts on competing. Written by Natalie Linden, a freelance writer and brand strategist for Roxy who lives in San Francisco, this book is sure to become a hit.

After all, ‘The Roxy Girls are world champion surfers who epitomize the effervescent fun of being a beach girl.’ So who better to gaze at on your coffee table and grab some inspiration than the whole Roxy team in all their photographic glory!

Move over landscape-gardening picture book; make way for Surf Girl Roxy!

Check it out!

Save $10 bucks and buy it at! $25.95 / Gemma Considine

Photos: ROXY

Posted on 9 September 2008 - 12:21am
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