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What You Need to Know About Latest Airport Security Rules!

Well, once again travel security is at an all time-high due to some idiots plot to wreck havoc on the world.  And, we will all pay the price by having to subject ourselves to the elevated levels of security screening at America’s airports and abroad.

Yes, most of us recognize it may be to protect lives and for the greater good, but it doesn’t help you feel any better while your waiting in long security lines, being patted down, running through x-ray machines that show you NAKED, opening your bags showing all your contents to the world, dealing with idiotic security people and removing almost all your clothes.

The only thing we can do is be prepared! And, what I’ve found while traveling is the more prepared you are the less stress you experience.  So, knowing the rules, what you can carry, what you can’t, what size bag it needs to be in, wearing less metal (belts, jewelry), having your laptop in a quick and easy place to remove and giving yourself extra time – helps you get through security lines much quicker and making things less stressful.

The only problem is, the rules keep changing and will continue to do so – here is the latest article I’ve found on security screening changes for international flights in and out of the US – definitely worth the read!

You might want to visit the TSA (Transport Security Administration) to learn more. www.tsa.gov


14 January, 2010       TravelMole

What you need to know about latest airport security rules

Here’s the good and the bad news, airline passengers: Rumors of long lines in the US are generally not true, and the brunt of new security standards are almost entirely being borne by international passengers arriving here.

“Based on reports from our international customers, there have been longer lines there. But domestically, we really haven't heard from airports about significant line waits,” said Christopher Bidwell, vice president of security and facilitation for Airports Council International.

Long-term effects of the Detroit bombing incident are still being sorted out and who knows what the TSA will be coming up with next? But in the meantime, here are some basics you need to know now:

• International passengers, whether US citizens or not, will be seeing more pat downs and random screenings as they come back to the US. This might include choosing “random” passengers at the boarding line having their contents of their carry-ons put on public display.

• Passengers returning from another country to the US will face two security checks. The first is when checking in for the flight at the airline counter where they may be frisked and questioned by the airline. The second stop is at airport security checkpoints with random screens. Additional checks may be required at the departure gate.

• Canadian airline officials have been among the most aggressive in new screening techniques and as of this writing, they are banning carry-on luggage except for purses and laptops for flights leaving Canada for the US. Will this change? Probably.

• British Airways tells THETICKET that travelers inbound to the US from the UK are restricted to a single carry-on that must conform to normal size standards. Purses and briefcases will have to be placed inside carry-ons. Again, this could change.

• Passengers everywhere will be seeing more frequent use of full-body scanners at the upwards of two dozen US airports where they are in operation. More international airports are adding the screeners and that will continue.

Further good news for international passengers: This is the slowest travel period of the year so experts say huge delays and long lines are not routinely expected.

By David Wilkening / TravelMole


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Posted by ExplorerGirls on 15 January 2010 - 11:18am.
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