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Exciting News!  X Games Offers Equal Prize Money for Both Women and Men

Huge news just in from John Skipper, ESPN Executive Vice President of content announcing equal prize purses for both the men and women at the up and coming X Games and Winter X Games.

This is yet another step in the right direction for women in sport and especially women in action sports.  With the talent on the rise everyday and often times matching the male competition it’s about time women are being recognized and offered equal pay.

It’s credit to amazing athletes like Alliance leadership/co-founders, CB Burnside, Mimi Knoop and Drew Mearns who met with the ESPN boss (John Skipper) in a private board room at the Staples Center on the eve of  X Games 12 in 2006 and struck what many consider a historic deal bringing women's actions sports to parity with the men's side - financially and in broadcast exposure.

And, athletes like Layne Beachley who have stood up to big businesses and according to her new book, Beneath the Waves, gave her major sponsor the flick after not receiving equal or even close to what the male surfers were being paid.

"ESPN is proud to announce that the X Games and Winter X Games will feature equal prize money for both men and women in 2009. ESPN has been a leader in promoting and programming women's athletics, and this recent action sports prize purse increase is the latest example. This past summer saw the X Games feature women's motocross for the first time, and the upcoming Winter X Games will feature a host of female Olympic medalists from several different countries. Starting with Winter X Games 13 in January, 2009, men and women athletes at all X Games events will compete for equal cash awards., “ says John Skipper, ESPN executive vice president, content.

It goes to show what can happen when female athletes unite and stand up for what they believe.


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Image: XGames (CB Burnside wins Gold in 2006)


Posted by ExplorerGirls on 29 October 2008 - 11:34am.
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