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Courtney Crow Profile PageHey Girls!

I am Courtney Crow, ExplorerGirls.com editor, creator and thrill seeking world traveler. We developed ExplorerGirls for women around the world who love to travel for action sports and adventure. We really feel there is nothing better than sharing an amazing experience with friends. So, just in case you’re lacking inspirational and adventurous girls around you…here’s a tool to find a few more in all different countries through out the world.

While attending the University of Florida, where I graduated in 2001, I was an active member in the Surf Club. I found it a great way to meet other women who enjoyed the same activities including surfing and snowboarding and wanted to develop a way to continue making those connections in life. Many of the girls who met in Surf Club are still great friends who catch up for travel across the globe in far away beaches and big mountains.

One thing I love just as much as travel and sport is photography. Graduating with a degree in photojournalism has also led me on many more adventures around the world. I have worked with US newspapers, Sports Illustrated, Reuters, Sport the library and other world-wide agencies shooting professional sports over the last decade.

My professional career has taken me to four Olympic events including Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens and Vancouver. And, some of my most favorite sports to shoot are motoX, surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.  From growing up with a camera shooting at local skateparks and posting ripped out pictures from surf mags on my wall to working with professional athletes, I feel more inspired every day watching the rise of women competing at major events and taking to the slopes and beaches.

As an American living in Australia since 2002 I've enjoyed learning the culture of other societies. I'm always on adventures around Australia, other countries and traveling back to the US.

ExplorerGirls.com was a dream that started a few years ago and seeing it come to life is a dream come true, a real testament to perseverance. I hope ExplorerGirls.com encourages women, like you, to EXPLORE an active and adventurous life and CONNECT with like-minded women around the world while inspiring other women by sharing your TRAVEL and life experiences.

We are always looking for ExplorerGirls Ambassadors around the world who want to help spread the word. Contact us if you want to share the vibe with others!

Enjoy the Ride!


(See some of my images from around the world at www.CourtneyCrowPhoto.com)



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